Dec 1st – Edmonton Trial

My surprise for this weekend: Streak is officially healthy enough to compete in disc again. We are taking it slow and only did enough this weekend to get his throw’n’go updif Q. Legit did not think this would happen this year after he dislocated his hock in May but he is a trooper.

A huge shout out to the Veterinary Mobility Center for getting him back a couple months earlier than expected and giving us this opportunity. 💙

Brags from this weekend

  • New personal best of 213 in Far Out Saturday (and new single-throw PB of 80 yards)
  • New personal best of 61 in Time Warp Level 2 Saturday
  • New personal best of 56 in Throw’n’Go Level 1 Sunday
  • Platinum UP in Far Out
  • Platinum UP in Throw’n’Go level 1
  • Terminator UP in TimeWarp level 1
  • Sharpshooter UP in Throw’n’Go level 1
  • Golden Receiver UP in Throw’n’Go level 1


That 213 in Far Out is the top score among all women

He can lick all the cheese

First Wave

Yup, it is more bragging – It definitely won’t last, but all three boys are currently sitting in the first wave into UPDIF

Also OMG Prowler! I thought I’d squeak into first wave by grinding it out with Cumulative, but Prowl currently has a spot via average in all the games we are playing. (He currently has spots in three of them for cumulative as well including the #1 overall for women’s far out – but again, I doubt that will last)

General Life update

Round 1 of Toss’n’fetch league last night was a very weird wind. It basically turned into chuck and pray since it would swirl and gust randomly. Once I have disc funds again I want to grab a smaller disc for Prowl when playing in conditions like that. The second round was calmer, but we were rushed since there was a thunderstorm in the distance. We still put up a good enough score that it won’t be our mulligan week. I’m hoping that I’ll hang onto a top 30 expert spot, though I probably won’t keep the top canuck expert that I had in week 4.

Also I’m super proud of all my club. It looks like 80% of us will be getting a magnus patch and everyone has improved so much since we joined the league (our first full-weeks league only had 20% of folks getting the magnus). Of course that is going to disappear next league since we usually only get one or two weeks in during winter season. It kind of sucks since it is my friend’s dog on the patch next season.

In car news, I only have one kennel left in Kelly to pick up today, then it is officially signing her over to SGI and then doing all the pre-pickup paperwork. I also have to clean and return my current rental and pickup the one I’m driving to Winnipeg. I’m so happy that I get to drive a little subcompact again – I miss driving tiny clown cars. Though my new car will be so much more comfortable to drive. I’m still going to need a new name for the car. I’m thinking “Reginald the Rover <R-something-related-to-traveling> Rondo” but I’ll see what fits the car.

I’ve also started telling all the folks I dealt with last weekend that were still searching for me. Mom’s Honda guy and the lady from KIA handled it great so if anyone is looking for a new car in Edmonton or south Saskatchewan, LMK and I can pass on their info.

That being said, it felt damn good telling the condescending Subaru guy that yes, I did find a smaller car that works for me (like honestly. I told him the crosstrek worked except for the limited storage which i could work around. WTF). and NGL, i def ran my email to the local KIA past a couple people to make sure it had just the right amount of salesman-directed snark.

Care Package


💜 even though I couldn’t make it to the Marathon this year, the Calgary disc dog club sent me a player’s pack care package. I really miss them, but at least some are coming to my apple bake trial on the 15th.

Also SGI got back to me and is giving me a good price on my car. So now I just have to find another vehicle. I’ve my fingers crossed I can still find a new 2017.

I started retrieving all my stuff from the old Rondo. I’m surprised by how much stuff I had in there considering I’ve only had the car for 2 months. 😂 So was the security guard. I pulled out a Kia soul-full and still have probably two loads left.

I also found out that the guy at the local kia I got along with so well no longer works there which is why he hadn’t gotten back to me. The manager remembered me as “the lady with the kennels” at least and grabbed my extremely small list of needs (5-seater. Heated seats. Under 50km if used. Light colour preferred). So I’m waiting for them to get back to me. I’ve also been browsing Autotrader to see if something amazing comes up. Nothing so far but there are a few fall backs if the local kia can’t figure it out.