Dec 1st – Edmonton Trial

My surprise for this weekend: Streak is officially healthy enough to compete in disc again. We are taking it slow and only did enough this weekend to get his throw’n’go updif Q. Legit did not think this would happen this year after he dislocated his hock in May but he is a trooper.

A huge shout out to the Veterinary Mobility Center for getting him back a couple months earlier than expected and giving us this opportunity. 💙

Brags from this weekend

  • New personal best of 213 in Far Out Saturday (and new single-throw PB of 80 yards)
  • New personal best of 61 in Time Warp Level 2 Saturday
  • New personal best of 56 in Throw’n’Go Level 1 Sunday
  • Platinum UP in Far Out
  • Platinum UP in Throw’n’Go level 1
  • Terminator UP in TimeWarp level 1
  • Sharpshooter UP in Throw’n’Go level 1
  • Golden Receiver UP in Throw’n’Go level 1


That 213 in Far Out is the top score among all women

He can lick all the cheese