Sal hates the fog

Also sharing the hoarfrost build up on my car from driving through freezing fog for 9 hours. It was terrifying Friday night and I actually ended up pulling over into a parking lot in a small town and sleeping in my car. Coming back Sunday was a bit better just super slow since I was dealing with some snow ruts and glare ice.

The straw did work wonderfully and kept the pups warm and the border collies amused themselves by breaking it up so I’ll have to replace it.

Car Update

My car now smells like straw and it is the best thing ever. Seriously it is worth it just for that.

Prowl was a little put out at first, but warmed up to it once he realized how easy it was to move around. Streak made himself a little burrow and it seemed to work since he wasn’t stiff coming out of it.

So a definite success, especially since it isn’t sticking into their fur as much as I thought it would. Though I’ve still been banned from putting any straw in Benny’s kennel.

Second rear kennel in and strapped down and all platforms have been created.


I also got around to some of the tweaks I was planning. Rear kennels now have some extra ventilation holes. I removed the bolts holding the fans and tied them on with paracord so there is nothing sticking in for the dogs to slam into. I also trimmed the doors down so I no longer have the extra bit sticking up.

I just have to wait for my extra set of D rings to come, then I’ll be adding in the other two kennels and putting in the finishing touches including the bed install.

Seat Removal

I ended up taking the seats out myself this time after confirming it wouldn’t affect warranty. It was super easy even with Moxi and Benny’s “help”.

I took the opportunity to upgrade the D-rings to a bit more heavy duty. I also think I’ll play around a bit with how I tied everything down tomorrow when I put the kennels back in.

In other news, today I learnt that Streak’s physio exercises take the same amount of time as boiling a kettle which is super helpful now that it is autumn. I recently grabbed some peach chipotle syrup and it goes wonderfully in apple cider.

Car Retrieval 2



replied to your post “My SGI adjuster was sick and didn’t leave paperwork anywhere so I’m…”


Yeah.But thankfully I’m hella lucky enough to have parents with a good enough credit line that they can swing a short-notice couple day loan at least so it is a shit ton of hassle but nothing show stopping.

Made it to Winnipeg and my finances have been sorted out. I’m just waiting for the kia dealership to pick me up

Both the car and I have made it home safe. I’m going to have to poke around because it is a semi-fancy trim level so it does a lot of extra stuff.

Tomorrow. 14 hours of travelling makes Sal super tired. Just wanted to let you all know I made it back okay what with my recent bad luck (That has now run it’s course and I’m back to as-normal-as-i-get)