Biothane leashes started

I ended up going all black so that I could save on partial roll fees and pull from the same screwup pool.

The ugly stitching is going to be whipstitched over with each of the pups’ colour so I can tell the leashes apart. Take away from this one: always draw out your paths first.

I also found some cast 5/8″ D rings for Benny’s collar. I’m still not sure what I’ll do for his leash clip though since the hubbards are way too heavy.

Streak is starting his rehab so I had to get my fitpaws holder done. 

It worked out perfectly the tubes come apart for easy storage, I can use the same set for my peanuts, my egg, and my donuts, and it ended up being quite cheap and easy to make.

  1. I cut down some 2″ central vacuum tubing into smaller pieces (four 18″ pieces here, though I think I’m also going to make two 12″ pieces for the peanut so it doesn’t stick out quite as much)
  2. Drilled some guide holes, then screwed in 3″ long eyebolts. The shaft of the bolt goes all the way through the tube and just touches the other end
  3. Duct taped one end completely shut
  4. Filled each tube with quick post concrete. It helps to put a tiny bit of water in first, then about ½ cup of the concrete mix, then some more water so you make sure everything gets wet. Rinse and repeat until it is close to the top.
  5. When the concrete is dry, remove the duct tape and connect together with the central vac elbows when you want to use them.

For the 50cm peanut I use two flat 24″ bungees. If i want more instability, i’ll only run one 24″ across the middle.

For the 65cm egg, I run two flat 36″ bungees in an X pattern across the top.

Hi! How did you cut holes in your pylons for cavelletis? Mine kept splitting :(

I used a air-powered impact wrench with a ¾” brad point drill bit – my dad is basically a mechanical mad scientist and has all the tools. I’m thinking a spade bit would do a good job too.

That being said, I’ve recently switched to this since my bull-moose of a border collie thinks sending the cones flying is much more fun than actually doing them properly. I already had the cube bits that I used as guides for heeling/backing-up/tight circles

Budget dog gear

but Bern doesn’t care; this donut has quickly become her favourite piece of equipment.

This is the 65cm x 35xm CanDo donut ball. It has the same slightly gummy texture that fitpaws has so the dogs can get a good grip. It’s not quite as thick as the fitpaws, but still thicker than the standard human yoga balls – I think it will be fine since I keep my dogs’ nails trim.

The holder is made out of two dollar store pool noodles attached together with scrap ½” pvc and some duct tape. To make it, I set the donut on the floor, then wrapped one noodle around half way and cut at slight angle. I then cut a second pool noodle to the same size. I shoved a 4inch piece of pvc inside the pool noodle hole to help hold them together. After double checking the fit (and cutting down some more if needed), I secured it with some duct tape.

Fitpaws price for donut ball and holder: 107CAD
Budget price for donut ball and holder: 26CAD

(And yes I know it is weird talking about budget gear when using a k9klimb. But a) I got this at distributor cost with no shipping and b) Streak had only had one 4-digit vet bill at that point and I didn’t know he was going to make a habit of it)


dog gym luck


So apparently my dog gym luck is the exact opposite of my fit build luck. Stuff keeps falling into my lap.

Spoke too soon. Today’s surprise x-ray bills has wiped out the gym budget

*but* I’m going to sell all my old aquarium stuff since I’ll hopefully be back to traveling too much to have an aquarium next year. The used aquarium market here is ridiculously overpriced, so I’ll hopefully be able to cover gym renos + whatever comes out of this setback

Do you know what flooring you’re going with for the gym yet? I started turning my basement into a dog room too, but stalled out after the cats decided to shred the foam tiles I put down. Now I’m redoing the livingroom floor, so the basement is filled with furniture until that’s done. Not having carpet upstairs any more really makes me want to finish the basement training room tho, so I’m definitely going to be following your progress haha


No idea yet.

I want to go over my plans with my physio vet first to make sure I’ve got enough cushioning since my basement floor was/will be vinyl plank on concrete. Currently the plan is to lay down 1″ EPS insulation underneath for extra cushioning.

My dream flooring would then have 1″ microban foam tiles as a middle layer and a pellet-filled sport turf over top of that.

Super budget flooring is just the 1/2″ EVA foam matting.

Between the two, i’m considering

  • 3/4″ EVA foam matting on it’s own
  • 1/2″ connect-a-rug
  • 1/2″ EVA foam with yoga mats glued on top
  • 1/2″ EVA foam with 1/10″ rubber underlayment glued on top
  • 1/2″ EVA foam with 1/4″ cork underlayment glued on top
  • 1/2″ EVA foam with indoor/outdoor carpet glued on top
  • Martial arts matting

And near-dream budgetary long shot – the guy whose company did the rubber flooring for the Riders’ gym is a family friend and he said to talk to him when I was ready to make a larger gym. So we’ll see.

Also complicating things is I’m still not sold on colour. I thought I wanted black since my dogs could see the gym equipment best against it. But I also need to see what my dogs are doing on video (and see what their legs are doing during training) so I also need a flooring that they will show up against – especially since I want to line the walls with some extra cushioning/protection as well.

It’s going to be something with ½” EVA foam (though maybe foam on the walls if my family friend works out).

I just got 72sqft for 5$!