The monster got some pool time today since his stitches have healed and it is low impact exercise. We did some regular swimming, some toy retrieves, and a bit of tugging before we had to stop due to a surprise thunderstorm.

He was so happy he got to do things. And he really likes and is good at swimming. I may have to do a bit of dock diving with him if the chance comes up.

dogmart replied to your post “Cues you wouldn’t think you needed until you got a herding dog”> I’d like a story behind this

Once upon a time, there lived a race of evil quads that would abduct people and spirit them away places upon their backs. Ratchet saw this and determined that the evil quads would not steal his human, so ever time he saw one, he would bark and chase it away to matter where he had to run or jump – even the roofs.

More seriously, my backyard is dug down a story like this:

so it is only about a 4’ jump up onto the garage roof

(and a 12 foot jump down which everyone but Prowl has done at least once since they took “get off the roof” to mean “jump off the roof at the point closest to the human”. So now they have a “Get off the roof” cue, and a “Get off the roof by jumping at this specific point” cue)

Play with your pooch: The secret to your dog’s happiness

Play with your pooch: The secret to your dog’s happiness