Flyballed this weekend.

Prowl was backup Saturday so didn’t get to play at all. Kind of surprising since it was 42°c out, but glad he wasn’t needed. Incidentally, playing flyball in that weather is as hellish as you would think.

Both prowl and Bern played full time Sunday. Prowl’s boxturn was good all weekend except for the first race since he was so excited to actually be doing things. Bern was her reliable if slower self all day.

In other news my gym luck is continuing to be good. I got a used fitpaws peanut in Streak’s size for about the same price I could get a human one and I had a friend who was able to pick it up in Saskatoon right away. I also crossed everything off my equipment wishlist with a can’t pass-up sale on human balance gear.

Flooring wise my whole budget went to physio bills but since it was excellent flooring and a great deal, my mom decided to get it for me as an early birthday present so I’m super excited there. I think I’ll keep what I got a surprise until it goes in. All the estimates have been done so I’m hoping that means I’ll get my basement walls back soon.

Forces at Play – Catching Your Dog on a Tug – 1TDC

Forces at Play – Catching Your Dog on a Tug – 1TDC