Fun fact: knowing that you are stressed out the way you are due to trigger stacking doesn’t actually help you not have a panic attack due to minor inconveniences.

Got the rondo yesterday and got it’s first Alberta to Sask drive down. It is so comfortable and the heated seats do amazing work on stiff back muscles. I’m super excited to use those after a long trial day. 

Streak got to spend the day hanging out with the doggy daycare supervisor. It was a bit of a gong show in the morning since my parents had to bring him in and the lady I originally talked to forgot to mention it to the morning folks. It worked out though, and he was super well behaved (and got a few extra good bye scritches and hugs)

He was a little concerned that I wanted to go to the strange car instead of the one that looked most like my mom’s (who has been driving us everywhere) but settled down when I opened the hatch and his kennel was there. There was no hesitation getting into his kennel and he settled right away so it looks like we were lucky enough to have no negative emotional fall out from the dog crash. 

I’ve a few more paperwork things to do today, and I need summer tires. Then it is right into a full on test since I need to pack for the trial I’m hosting this weekend.