Dec 1st – Edmonton Trial

My surprise for this weekend: Streak is officially healthy enough to compete in disc again. We are taking it slow and only did enough this weekend to get his throw’n’go updif Q. Legit did not think this would happen this year after he dislocated his hock in May but he is a trooper.

A huge shout out to the Veterinary Mobility Center for getting him back a couple months earlier than expected and giving us this opportunity. 💙

Physio Update

Sorry you only get treadmill pics of physio since hands are being used to give cookies for the other exercises.

Rehab is going well. We introed power squats today and he nailed it. I def need to teach both tuck and rock back sits in the future though.

We’ve got another checkpoint appointment set up for next Monday. We’re also looking at getting him an orthopedic wrap.

Next Appointment

Monster has his ultrasound appointment booked for next week which means his leg will be shaved again (just when it was starting to look somewhat normal). Fingers crossed it is just scar tissue and no lesions – I’m pretty sure Ive got enough luck banked for that.

I also should be getting the photos from the shoot I won soon. There are some really wonderful ones of Ratchet. Not quite as many for Prowl though since Prowl was so focused on me he didn’t really look at the camera.