Sal hates the fog

Also sharing the hoarfrost build up on my car from driving through freezing fog for 9 hours. It was terrifying Friday night and I actually ended up pulling over into a parking lot in a small town and sleeping in my car. Coming back Sunday was a bit better just super slow since I was dealing with some snow ruts and glare ice.

The straw did work wonderfully and kept the pups warm and the border collies amused themselves by breaking it up so I’ll have to replace it.

Life Updates

My novelty tea infuser collection has been on hold since everything, but when I saw this I had to.

Indomitable Unicorn tea ftw.

In other news, the trial is mostly on track and I have someone picking up cheaper marking paint which means I get to do sweet spot art.

New kia salesman still hasn’t gotten ahold of me. I’m hoping he does this afternoon. I’m also thinking of heading to ford to look at escapes and maybe a transit connect.

Athletes Doing Meditation? Yes!

Athletes Doing Meditation? Yes!

I’m slowly working on both a glossary of common terms I use and an FAQ. 

FAQ is stuff I’ve answered a lot either here, elsewhere online, or in person. 

The glossary will assume you’ve got at least a tiny knowledge of training and focus more on sports specific terms I use regularly.

Is there anything you guys would like to see included in either?

Whoops. Got a new camera lens

650+ photos with my 28mm f/1.8 was more than enough to convince me that it is a crappy lens for dog sports (though it takes decent portraits)

I found the canon 50mm f/1.4 I’ve been eyeing on sale so went with that and it should get here next week. Reviews look like it’s still soft wide open, but it looks better than the nifty fifty which in turn was better than the 28mm so fingers crossed.

Edited to Add: It shipped Xpresspost, so I should have it by this weekend. Which means more flyball and hopefully agility pics. 

What was the inspiration behind your hairstyle? I like it a lot but I’ve never seen a similar style before


I love dying my hair, but hate it in anything longer than a buzz so I compromise my keeping my bangs long enough to dye. It works really well since I chop it off before the bleach melts it. 

The bangs in those photos are a bit long (because my scissors are MIA) and not doing the anime thing they usually do. Plus, the dye job is horrible since I only do green & white during the season and I forgot my kelly green dye in town (and the only other green I had was the green of the team we were playing)