Sal hates the fog

Also sharing the hoarfrost build up on my car from driving through freezing fog for 9 hours. It was terrifying Friday night and I actually ended up pulling over into a parking lot in a small town and sleeping in my car. Coming back Sunday was a bit better just super slow since I was dealing with some snow ruts and glare ice.

The straw did work wonderfully and kept the pups warm and the border collies amused themselves by breaking it up so I’ll have to replace it.

New Supplements

Supplements arrived and apparently the BCAA adds taste because I needed to remind Prowl to breathe when eating (and will be getting a slow-tf-down thing for his bowl). Streak was highly suspecious at first because he wasn’t certain if new supplements broke the Food Rules. He tried to eat around them first, then decided they were actually good and enthusiastically ate them.

There were also even more labels that the supplements were banned under fei, so I poked around their banned substances list and omg horse sports. Are you okay? It seems a little excessive.

Car Update

My car now smells like straw and it is the best thing ever. Seriously it is worth it just for that.

Prowl was a little put out at first, but warmed up to it once he realized how easy it was to move around. Streak made himself a little burrow and it seemed to work since he wasn’t stiff coming out of it.

So a definite success, especially since it isn’t sticking into their fur as much as I thought it would. Though I’ve still been banned from putting any straw in Benny’s kennel.


If you don’t hear from me again, it is because Bern strangled me in my sleep.

I accidentally forgot her outside in the rain.

Bernoulli totally has a mental list of “dogs who cross over in flyball and the handlers who run them” and will check out the other team and act accordingly when racing.

Anyways I survived the night. I am thinking a supper of treats* because I forgot to pick up dog food redeemed me.

*still kibble just a different flavour of kibble she rarely gets for supper.

New Deal

I told Streak that if he stopped getting injured, I’d pick up another sport and he could be a dock diving dog.

When I ask him if it was a deal, he offered a paw. So I think that makes it official.

*that missed my hand and hit my face but close enough – we were in a tangled up cuddle.