Dec 1st – Edmonton Trial

My surprise for this weekend: Streak is officially healthy enough to compete in disc again. We are taking it slow and only did enough this weekend to get his throw’n’go updif Q. Legit did not think this would happen this year after he dislocated his hock in May but he is a trooper.

A huge shout out to the Veterinary Mobility Center for getting him back a couple months earlier than expected and giving us this opportunity. 💙

League and Crash Update


I took ¼ speed video of Prowl’s toss’n’fetch league round last night so I could look for any gait issues. Thankfully he seems to be fine.

We think he was curled up in a ball when we were hit and he slid feet/butt/neck first into the side of the kennel since he had a bruise on his chest right where his elbow would be in that position. He also had some tightness in his front assembly from general disc wear-and-tear that they worked out.

I need to keep an eye out for anything that takes time to come up, but we think he is mostly fine and we’re hoping that we got him treated quickly enough to help mitigate some of the inflammation. I also got several new exercises to add to his routine to help keep his front loose – including a bow that Streak offered on his own the other day that I wanted to double check with the vet (it is a very good sign that he offered it and we should keep doing it)

Thank you!

I told Prowl that you thought he was beautiful this morning and he happy-barked then slammed into my gut.

We’ve progressed to walking downhill for physio.

Streak was very confused at first and spent the rest of the time with his thinking face on.

We’ve also added bows to our physio routine and I finally realized i could put his balance disc on the klimb to keep tricksy border collie feets on the disc

Forces at Play – Catching Your Dog on a Tug – 1TDC

Forces at Play – Catching Your Dog on a Tug – 1TDC